Well that was . . . interesting. Sunday, Jun 26 2011 

My BF’s parents have a house 30 minutes from us that’s we’re responsible for tending to since they moved 4 hours away 7 or 8 months ago for BF’s father’s job. We’d gone about four weeks ago but the old mower wouldn’t work so we just did some laundry (we’d have to pay at our apartment complex) and went home. Finally BF’s father just sent money for a new mower so we went hurrying over since the grass would be pretty long. We pull up and . . . the grass was already mowed. The neighbor across the street started walking over, so we prepared to thank her profusely until she says, “You need to know what’s been going on here and call your parents.” Uh oh.

Apparently a pipe broke in the basement. The house wasn’t really flooded since the sump pump was doing its job well. Too well. There was water spraying from the house for two weeks, apparently. Completely flooded a neighbor’s yard, destroyed the gravel road, and made the grass grow extra fast, to about neck-high. No one knew what to do about it since no one could get in to turn it off. All the neighbors were super angry and took it out on our nice neighbor lady. The health department, and gas guy, and whoever is responsible for the roads showed up and couldn’t do much except turn off the gas and say the road needed completely redone after it rained on top of all the flooding. Even the sheriff tried to get in. Eventually our neighbor broke in and turned the water off. She then proceeded to mow the lawn in ankle-deep water. At some point in this story the police checked the house for dead bodies. She was so upset and worried BF’s parents would charge her for breaking and entering to turn off the water, she’d felt nauseous for the past several days, but they’re very appreciative.
She will definitely be rewarded to help make up for all her work and the stress this situation has caused her.



The Bag of Crazy Arrives Friday, Jun 24 2011 

I love getting mail. My contribution the Close to Home swap AND my 3 lb grab bag from JL Yarn came today. Spent some time identifying all the fun stuff packed into that back. If you’d like more information on each skein, I’ve put them here in my Ravelry stash. Presenting: The Bag of Crazy . . .

By all means, click to enlarge. There is a ton of stuff I’ve never worked with before. For the past 16 years, the only novelty yarn I’ve used is chenille. Now I have all sorts of metallic, ribbon and eyelash to mess with. Pansy Ass already arrived and is ready to divide. Our scale isn’t quite accurate enough, so BF volunteered to take it into the lab with him Monday and use a scale there to divide it up for me. I know he’ll get it done perfectly but I’m pretty sure he’ll tangle the skein and have little patience to undo it. Oh, he’ll fix it, but I can save him the frustration and disillusionment of the “generous 30 minutes” he’s allotted to the activity. Plus I want to attack it immediately. 😛 I can always go by length.

And as a status update, I’m now starting the foot section of my Skew socks!

Purples and Grays Tuesday, Jun 21 2011 

Update on my progress!

I’m taking a break on BF’s second sock in Gray so I can attack the Skew pattern with my awesome Black Purl yarn (which I’ve just finished the big toe of.) I’m glad I decided to try both socks at once this time because I’ve already realized I’d probably never get to starting the second even if I finished the first. Eek! You can also see the first two squares  for my monster blanket to the left. There really seems to be a color scheme here. And that’s the problem. It won’t be much of a monster sock blanket if the colors were all similar, which they would be if BF and I chose all the colors. It would still look nice and we’d enjoy it, but that’s not what we’re after, here. Luckily I’ve ordered a sock yarn grab bag. They should be arriving tomorrow and I’ll post all the surprise colors I’ll be receiving. I’ve also joined a swap on Ravelry which I’ve recently discovered. I’m really excited about that. I ordered my skein yesterday from Sheepy Time Knits in Pansy Ass. Can’t wait to see what I get back.

Off topic, I had a great birthday with BF and his parents in Louisville. Went to a nice Italian restaurant where I stole most of the calamari from the pasta and his mother had made me tiramisu when we got back. Then BF pulled out some Cirque Du Soleil tickets for this September when the show comes to Fort Wayne. I am very pleased. 🙂

The Black Purl Arrives Thursday, Jun 16 2011 

I woke up to BF informing me my “awesome fancy yarn is here.” Of course I jump up to tear it open. Ta da! It looks even prettier than I imagined.

I then rolled it into a ball so it would be ready to go when I get my needles for my Skew Socks.

This was just for fun. Also shows my nail polish well. OPI’s Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow… It’s a dark green.

In other news, I FINISHED MY FIRST SOCK LAST NIGHT! Fits BF great. He gave me a little foot pose.

The Start of a Blog Wednesday, Jun 15 2011 

So, if you haven’t already noticed, I have created a blog to attempt the documenting of current and future knitting projects. I haven’t done much knitting. I’ve been crocheting since I was 6, but knitting has been more interesting to me the last few years. I like complex patterns although I am technically a beginner. I’m am lucky enough to be able to tackle and subdue most learning curves quickly for most techniques. My blog track record isn’t very good, but perhaps I haven’t found the right subject yet. I’m hoping that blogging will encourage progress on my knitting and that hopefully at some point a few comments and encouragement here and there will encourage my blogging.

Right now, I have one project. A pair of socks for my boyfriend. I have a couple inches in the leg to finish before I can call the first sock done. It’s also the first knitting project I will have ever finished. If I get it finished . . . I’m using a simple yarn. Jo-Ann Sensations Bamboo & Ewe in Charcoal Grey. I’ve adjusted the Widdershins pattern from Knitty to fit him.

My first sock everybody! It also matches the bed sheet quite well.

Also, as I am currently rather fixated on socks, I am hoping on eventually making a sock yarn scrap blanket. The link to what I’m following is on the left. I am very excited about this even though I realize it will take FOREVER. I’m hopeful that at some point I might get a few generous readers with some scrap sock yarn they don’t want anymore to donate a little bit to my project. I’d like to trade something in return or pay but I currently don’t have any trade ideas and am a poor college student who can barely afford groceries and shouldn’t be buying yarn in the first place. 🙂 But I’m willing to try to pay for shipping through Paypal if needed as long is some proof of the cost is sent to me first. I need at minimum ~3 grams for a small square and ~ 12 grams for a large.

While my first square on my blanket is fated to be a drab grey, I have a skein of sock yarn from Lorna’s Laces in black purl for a pair of my own socks which I’m rather excited about. I’ll be attempting the Skew pattern from Knitty. And last, since my 22nd birthday is this Friday, I went ahead and splurged on a sock yarn grab bag from Julia’s Yarn. Bf and I prefer darker colors so we probably won’t like many of them so I’ll find someone who will or make something to sell. I’m excited about it regardless. It will be fun to open.

Now to watch House and work on that sock.